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Some ratios with the same number vary slightly in size so rounding has been used. AFI and US/UK theatrical release: 165 mins.; BBFC: 165m:00s; BFI: 167m:06s; copyrighted: 170 mins. vertical/24fps]/2.75:1 [70mm]; 2.35:1 [35mm]; 199 mins. The film was copyrighted and initially advertised as The Range Feud. was a subsidiary of Hygo Television Films, Inc., which purchased, among other deals, 79 westerns from Columbia Pictures in 1955.

If a cover and catalog number are shown for a DVD the running time listed is that of the disc itself, which is generally the film's original length. DVD release: 6-5-01 (2.30:1 anamorphic; 2.0 mono; 121m:39s). DVD release: 5-22-01 (2.35:1 anamorphic; 5.1 and 2.0 Surround; 166m:56s).]. The 79-film library was announced to make its television debut on January 1, 1956, WATV, New Jersey, on the station's “Western Prairie Theatre.” In turn, Hygo and its subsidiaries—notably Unity Television Corp.—were purchased in late 1956 by Columbia's Screen Gems subsidiary, all rights, titles and interests of the Columbia westerns returning to the original studio.

If John Wayne's name does not appear within that criteria a note follows with billing information (e.g. Films where he was uncredited are denoted in blue text with notes at the bottom of the filmography outlining his involvement—not always as an actor. DVD release: 10-11-05 (2.30:1 anamorphic; 5.1 Surround [remixed from mono] and 2.0 mono; 126m:40s [127m:09s•]). The Lone Star Ranger is commonly listed as being released on January 5, 1930, but opened on December 31, 1929, at the Capitol Theater in Dunkirk, New York.

Also included are his character names excluding in most cases aliases. Copyrighted and world premiere: 221 mins.; general release: 195 mins.; BBFC: 198m:53s. AFI: 135 mins.; copyrighted: 131 mins.; BBFC: 136m:47s and 131m:59s. Donovan's Reef Paramount (1963) Paramount 06220 (keep case) John Wayne (Michael Patrick “Guns” Donovan), Lee Marvin, Elizabeth Allen, Jack Warden, Cesar Romero. The film was copyrighted December 4, 1929, so may have been in release even earlier than December 31.

Some DVDs (and other video) are encoded in such a way that PAL speed-up is not present so the time does not have to be compensated by a factor of 1.04 to match NTSC, which is the same as film time. DVD release: 8-18-98 (2.25:1 non-anamorphic; 2.0 mono; 100m:33s). The Sons of Katie Elder Paramount (1965) Paramount 06729 (keep case) John Wayne (John Elder), Dean Martin, Martha Hyer, Michael Anderson, Jr., Earl Holliman. Often listed as being released in the UK as He Wore a Star, the film was released there under its original title, including the reissue. A television print, the title card says “Gail Pictures presents” with a 1932 copyright statement by Gail Pictures International Corp. No filmography of John Wayne will ever be complete, since he worked as a card-carrying union member (IATSE) doing prop work at Fox for directors like John Ford, Raoul Walsh and Ben Stoloff.

Where the two dates vary greatly, an imprint note is included. DVD release: 6-5-01 (1.78:1 anamorphic; 2.0 mono; 108m:30s). (1962 [see notes])/MGM (1963) MGM 906292 (keep case) Carroll Baker, Lee J. including opening, intermission and exit music (153 mins. Ross produced ten years ago starring John Wayne and Jean Arthur.

Following the American theatrical distributor is the year of general release or premiere. Phoenix appears to have faded from existence when Emanuel became general manager of Tudor Pictures, Inc. In circulation for years after its initial release, the film was reissued under its original title by RKO—not Phoenix—in September 1950, double-billed with another RKO reissue, Mr. The poster for , which was first released no later than January 2, 1954, in Boston, makes no mention of the film's previous title as was common for reissues.

The DVD's distributor and its catalog number appear next, both pertaining to the cover shown. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Paramount (1962) Paramount 06114 (keep case) John Wayne (Tom Doniphon), James Stewart, Vera Miles, Lee Marvin, Edmond O'Brien. and later president of its affiliate, the newly formed Governor Films, Inc. With RKO's ten-year rights reverting back to producer Frank Ross, the film was reissued in the UK in 1955 under its original title by Butcher's Film Distributors Ltd.

Many of the prints in circulation, usually recorded from television, have been passed on through collector's circles through videotape and now DVD±, so accurate running times get lost in various encoding and conversion methods. The War Wagon Universal (1967) Universal 20298 (keep case) John Wayne (Taw Jackson), Kirk Douglas, Howard Keel, Robert Walker, Keenan Wynn. This section of the filmography covers Wayne's uncredited work in feature films, focusing on his early years in Hollywood.

I have seen films where the running times vary by over two minutes yet scene-for-scene are the same prints. As such it is incomplete and at times wrought with conflicting information. who was nowhere to be seen on the field, leaving the gridiron work to the eighteen-year-old USC student.

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