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And a lot of Australians concurred, ‘Yeah, people in Byron Bay are just surfing and being stoned.’ They do not have…they don’t care. So, eight people, maybe a dozen people showed up, and they were all from out of town.

They all drove two or three hours to Byron Bay, and no locals came. It’s really just like this lazy surfer-touristy town where no one was plugged in.

And like every other project in my life, he’s now going to wear a couple of hats.

In the beginning, we used to try to do a lot of vacations, only neither of us vacation terribly well. So, we’d wind up in fancy-ass hotels, in the middle of nowhere, going nuts.I’m tired, I’m dizzy, I’m not going to do this.’ And then they all go, ‘Oh, we thought…’ Well, actually, that’s the point of it.It’s a round…it’s a spontaneous way of making music. Hmm…There’s never been a time when nobody showed up, but there was a time in Byron Bay, Australia when I announced a ninja gig on the beach for like 6 or 7 at night, and my fan base in Australia is pretty big, and Byron Bay is a bustling beach town, but I learned that no one in Byron Bay is on the Internet.He’s working on a book right now that he had in manuscript form and draft form that he’s now typing up and putting into a real second draft, and we’re just looking at all of the parallels between record-making and book-making and how the steps are actually kind of the same. They sort of get what you’re doing, as opposed to someone who just has no clue about the creative process and you say, “I’m going off to the studio!I mean, the medium is different, but the steps and the drafts and the demoing, and the editing and the finalizing…for every step I’m going through with the record, he pretty much has an analogue with the book writing. ” and they look at you, puzzled, and say, “Go do…that thing you do! There’s a thing about sharing— Like, I never play demos for people when I’m working on…not really, unless I’m really really proud of a certain demo, because you don’t really want feedback, you know?

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