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A channel is associated with events/programs that enable you to control the publishing and storage of segments in a live stream. The Channel and Program relationship is very similar to traditional media where a channel has a constant stream of content and a program is scoped to some timed event on that channel.

You can specify the number of hours you want to retain the recorded content for the event by setting the Archive Window length.

Once you created the Channel, you can click on the channel and select Settings where you can view your channels configurations.

For more information, see Live streaming using Azure Media Services to create multi-bitrate streams.

To manage your assets, select Setting and click Assets.To accomplish this, you need to create two concurrently running event.One event is set to archive 6 hours of the event but the program is not published.This will archive the stream and make it available to viewers through the Streaming Endpoint.Note When your AMS account is created a default streaming endpoint is added to your account in the Stopped state.

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