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[Family Yoga with UNDAKOVA Hip Hop Yoga, Daya Yoga Studio, Bushwick photo credit Karrie Larsson] 3: AM: What is the Urban Mystery Skool?

KC: ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS Urban Mystery Skool is a new project I co-direct with my partner UNDAKOVA from our location on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

A major goal of my work is the preservation, cultivation and ultimate resurgence of the worship of the Great Mother Goddess, the reinstating of women as spiritual leaders worldwide, and the restoring to sacred status women’s genitalia and symbols of fertility. Push Pops, YONI PUJA: Incantation to the Cosmic Cervix, photo credit Aria Eastwood] 3: AM: Are there any artists you look up to?

3: AM: You are probably the best known as a co-leader of Go! Our first performance was a pilgrimage to see Portia Munson’s Pink Project in Chelsea (TAPED, 2011).

We agreed to all wear pink and I brought a flag and waved it, it was such a great feeling to get out of my own head and individualistic studio practice.

KC: Doing my MFA on the “Spirituality of Hip Hop” I was so immersed in the Fine Art World culture of SVA in the close proximity of Chelsea’s gallery culture I had to turn away from it and found inspiration outside the white box in Hip Hop “speaking truth to power.” This included looking back at classic female MCs of my youth such as Salt n’ Peppa, Lauryn Hill, TLC, Lil Kim and Missy Elliot as well as idolizing mainstream figures Lil Wayne, Nicky, Drake, Young Thug and Fetty Wap.

Then I made my way into the queer underground hip hop/fashion culture here in the city, and was introduced to artists like Cunt Mafia, Cakes da Killa, Princess Nokia, Dai Burger, Jungle Pussy, Quay Dash and Xhosa.

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