Updating 1970s houses

You will be shocked at what ends up on the rag as TSP is a very good cleanser.

Once you have washed the surfaces and wiped them down with clear water, let them dry.

Cathy Related: Painting Tips from the Pros In my bedroom of our 1976 mobile home, we removed the built-in drawer unit/vanity in the master bedroom to make use of "outdated" space.

We then covered the brown paneled walls and closet doors with inexpensive paintable textured wallpaper.

Sealer is relatively inexpensive and will save you lots or hassle in the long run. Use a modern, warm tone on walls as this will give even the oldest of homes a cozy feel.

A mossy green, taupe or creamy yellow are good choices.

Right now, I am doing some landscape in my backyard with ferns from the woods and other greenery that is perennial.I am trying to remodel an older (1977) trailer to look modern, fresh and newer. How can I make my trailer look really nice inside and outside without spending too much?How can I paint the ugly dark brown doors and dark paneling? Usually you need to use something that keeps the background from bleeding through.For both, it is very likely that a wax or varnish was applied to them over the years.In order to paint them, you have to remove it or the paint will not adhere to the wood and thus, peel off.

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