Taylor momsen dating natt weller

He also signed on to play the lead in Bone In The Throat, based on celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain’s novel.Westwick recently joined the cast of Jim Gillespie’s Take Down, a thriller about a group of sons and daughters of international billionaires who are taken to a remote island in order to learn basic survival skills and subsequently kidnapped.

Personal trainer: Taylor has been dancing for most of her life, which is also her preferred method to stay in shape. Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News nightclub in London with Nat Weller, 20, (his dad is UK singer Paul Weller.) Nat has been wearing make-up since he was 15 and considers himself a cross between Marilyn Manson and Victoria Beckham. But does Kelly know Nat was photographed looking chummy with Taylor Momsen two days ago?collection, although her look is not particularly provocative. clothing line after only a few months – it turns out Taylor foolishly blabbed that the line looked to her like “clothing worn by a high class hooker.” Madonna was outraged because the collection is aimed at teens, and she immediately replaced Taylor with Kelly Osbourne.(Above, The Pretty Reckless performing in the UK) Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News full time.She’s been touring nonstop ever since (her band even opened for Marilyn Manson) and hasn’t been tempted to return to acting.

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