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A Taiwanese, I have discovered, isn't quite so liberal in their Sauna etiquette. Another gentleman walks in and starts showering the room down, creating more steam or washing away the phlegm on the floor?

It all ends suddenly and I'm left to wonder the openness of these expressions, these bizarre acts that would simply never happen where I grew up." On to the Sauna after a dip in the ice bath, and a group of man are socialising.

In an amazing reddit thread this morning, redditors from non-English-speaking countries have been weighing in on a very good question: "what is internet culture like in your first language?

Something like "LOL." Or ":-)" Or "ha." Or, if my hilarity is a little more hilarious than usual, "haha." Or, if my hilarity is a little less hilarious than usual, "heh." Or, if I my hilarity is slightly ironic, "hehe." Or, if my hilarity is slightly impish, "teehee." Or, if my hilarity is excessively hilarious in a way that requires some excessive laughter: "hahahaha." Or "haaaaaaaaaaaahaha." Or "hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha." But, so many hahas, you get the idea: You'd find a way, basically, to convey through textual means the uncontrollable laughter I have provoked. What if we were chatting in Spanish, or Mandarin, or Japanese?

I agree wholly about the temperature thing, definitely over 80°C, anything less would merely constitute warm. Some sun-light deprived Scandinavians enjoy 40 minutes of masochistic heat torture. It's a place of snow, ice, reindeer and 24 hours of day-light and darkness. At the local Zhongzheng Sports Centre in Taipei I'd finished my swim, a swift 30 minutes of over-taking and getting thwacked by folk who consider a flail and splash a worthy alternative to Crawl or Breaststroke.

Being an Englishman, and having had a more balanced Vit. It figures they invented the Sauna, their behaviours about the wooden box don't figure quite so much. What else doesn't figure so much is Taiwan, a sub-tropical climate, has adopted the Sauna. I took to the Sauna's and other beautification and relaxation therapies dotted about the pool complex.

You could say the obvious thing: "Megan, that is utterly, awesomely hilarious." Most likely, though, you would say something else, something that better reflects a more natural response to my hilarity.

Instead I stood, closed my eyes and soon as my presence was fully acknowledged there was another en masse exit.Here -- haaaaaaaaaahahaha -- is a starting guide: Thai: 55555 In Thai, the number 5 is pronounced "ha" -- so instead of saying "hahahahaha," Thai speakers will sometimes write "55555." Japanese: www This abbreviation, not to be confused (which is to say, often to be confused) with the one for the World Wide Web, likely originates with the Kanji character for "laugh," 笑, which is pronounced as "warai" in Japanese."Warai," in message boards and chat rooms, quickly became shortened to "w" as an indication of laughter.The famed Taiwanese, and Asian, hot spring pursuit.Marketed by many hotels in the Taipei suburb Beitou as a famous and must do for tourists, and couples. Island wide are these geothermal phenomena, water heated by hot-rocks on the Pacific rim.

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