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This is how they work: _You pay them a package, for example you pay about K for a k monthly income _They’ll get you the accounts._Although they say you can choose to accept or not a specific account, it’ not true.Sponsored by Are you looking to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself?Are you contemplating a career move and don’t know what to do next? Investigate what opportunities exist in this unique way of doing business.Find out how and where information exists and how to access the answers to your most pressing questions about any opportunity. If you are curious or serious, this is a not-to-be-missed session.

I just hope that a Federal Court one of these days force all cleaning franchises to get the accounts on the franchisees’ names…not theirs.

In 2008, commenter “ntoi” on the Complaints Board website wrote: I’m a franchise owner for Coverall for almost two years now in San Mateo, CA and I really regret it joining and starting my business with them because all they did is SCAM me.

Coverall Cleaning Concept aka Coverall-Based Cleaning System is where you can start your janitorial business by buying a franchise.

I called so may time what happened to my check and they just pass me around and no on knows. As I tell DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH COVERALL CLEANING CONCEPT aka COVERALL HEALTH-BASED CLEANING SYSTEM because is a SCAM. But, they made me wait about a year, plus I was making dollars per hour (fast and hard work) and I did not had any money to hired an employee to help me. they also charge for administration but you are the one who has to comfront the office owners if something is wrong or if you want them to increase your payment because you are working extra hours.

DONT MAKE ANY CONTRACT WITH THEM, They are not good, this business is not worth it at all.

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