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As many of you may recall, Jim was an extraordinary faculty mentor to students and younger faculty.He was there for us whenever we needed him, always helpful and supportive.As MIE Department Head Sundar Krishnamurty said, “It is with great sadness that I share with you the news that Professor Emeritus Jim Donovan passed away Friday night.Jim taught in our department for many years before retiring in early 2000.Several deeply committed UMass Students didn’t want to let the water crisis in Puerto Rico go unchecked!A brilliant and idealistic five-person interdisciplinary team, which included three engineering majors, won four prizes at the Hack UMass hackathon on November 3 through 5 by creating Live Water Map, invented to counteract the devastation and resultant water shortage and contamination caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.We found that is poorly ‘socialized’ in respect to any social network.

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Then, for the next few hours, you wander the room, trying to match locks with keys.

Latest activity in Massachusetts Chat: UCLA players thank trump the greatest for their release!

, Every jobless crime ridden town in America is run by democrats., OMG huge meltdown from democrats questioning Jeff Sessions LMFWAO, I got another unassimilated black fired form a pension job, 20-Year-Old Friends Become Youngest Black Republicans Elected in Conn, Who in their right mind would listen to a dem on Economics, education, Dems if you don’t like what trump is doing, what exactly do you want?

I had mine, though, in the group of normal, non-lock-wearing friends I had left out at the front of the bar and needed to “check on.” I did make a couple passes more through the party, to eat some free hors d’oeuvres, meet some guys angry about their lack of unlocking success and chat with a girl who had already heard through the grapevine about my “fated double match.” I was there for the grand finale, too: a drunk girl jumping up and down in excitement over winning for having had the most matches.

You know it’s a lame party when the happiest person there is the one who just got a refund of her admission.

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