Signs you are dating an emotional abuser

Abusive relationships don’t always seem as horrible as they really are, especially when they start.

“There is a cycle of violence/abuse that is common in abusive relationships,” explains Christene Lozano of Meraki Counseling, “the honeymoon period, the tension building phase, and the explosion (violence), then circling back to the honeymoon period.

It is a vicious cycle.” Far from fantasy, many women today are subjected to physical and emotional abuse in their relationships.

So if you find tension building, and these signs sound familiar, it’s a good idea to leave before there’s an explosion.

And the risk of being in an abusive relationship is bigger than before.

“One of the biggest signs before abuse is control,” shares Dr. “[It is] abusive because it denies the reality of your significant other.” It involves denial, purposefully “forgetting” important interactions, as well as discounting or minimizing a partner’s experience of your reactions.

If this sounds familiar, and if he’s constantly telling you that “you’re too sensitive,” or if “you’re making a big deal out of nothing,” or, “you’re crazy,” it might be time to get out of the relationship or seek the counsel of a therapist.

In seasons past, much of the series’ most gruesome violence was wielded against women, and it has been downright hard to watch, even in a fictional capacity. Weiss are realistic in this: Abuse takes on all kinds of hideous, degrading forms, and it can be extremely hard to escape, especially if you’ve missed the warning signs.

At first glance, our modern world looks much different than this medieval-inspired dystopian fantasy. According to the experts, these aren’t just red flags alerting you that the relationship might not work out.

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