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A photo of the sign started some buzz on the Portland-based coffee culture blog Sprudge.

An Imgur user later posted another picture of the sign, which has been viewed more than 137,000 times as of this writing.

Within deaf culture, there is a distinction drawn between signs used to curse versus signs that are used to describe sexual acts.

When they didn’t return that call, I called two more times.As for the signs themselves, some signs do overlap, but they may also vary according to usage.For example, the sign for "shit" when used to curse is different from the sign for "shit" when used to describe the bodily function or the fecal matter. Natural sign languages are not related to the spoken language used in the same region.I also contacted corporate headquarters and left a voicemail, and sent a written inquiry through their web form. American Sign Language (ASL), the sign language used by the deaf community throughout most of North America, has a rich vocabulary of terms, which include profanity.

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