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If the creditor can’t, they cannot pursue a judgment against you.“Debt collectors are inaccurate much of the time,” says Mc Clelland.“They often go after zombie debt – debt that you’ve paid, isn’t yours or is past the statute of limitations for collections.

Once these mistakes are corrected, the agency must re-issue your corrected credit report to any lenders who received your credit report within the last six months and to any employers who received your credit report within the last two years. If you don’t, your creditors can turn over unpaid debts to a debt collector. Here is a rundown of what debt collectors can and cannot do under the FDCPA: The FCBA requires card issuers to credit your payments promptly and to correct any mistakes on your credit card bill without damaging your credit score.For example, creditors must consider a reliable form of public assistance, such as disability payments, in the same way they would any other type of income.The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) protects your right to privacy when it comes to credit reports, and provides the means to correct any errors in these reports.You can submit a dispute to the appropriate credit bureau fairly easily online.The agency is required to investigate the situation and make any necessary changes or corrections.

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