Nico mirallegro dating

The day we did that scene, the atmosphere on set was quite tense!

It was horrible, I felt really horrible doing that scene.

I think everyone’s a bit guilty of sometimes just seeing things from their own point of view.

It was really nice to see things from someone else’s perspective.

Set in the ’90s and based on the real life of author Rae Earl, the show explores everything from sex, friendship and families to the most serious and scary aspects of mental health.

The final episode of the second series airs tonight, so we chatted with Sharon Rooney, who stars as Rae, to find out what the heroine has learned over the past few weeks, why she’s being so mean to her mates and exactly what it’s like to be at work and talking about fingering with Nico Mirallegro.

It wasn’t nice to be that blunt, and for Rae to talk to her Mum like that…DB: You’ve said before that you know Rae isn’t there to be liked, and you can’t like her all the time.

It was great, I was very lucky to be doing scenes like that with friends.She’s making some not very good decisions and her behaviour isn’t great, and the way she’s treating people isn’t great.She’s trying so hard, but it comes out to the people she loves in a way that’s not very nice.Her Mum has specifically said to her: 'Don’t do that, you have to come home and let me know where you are,' and she comes in, and she’s a bit drunk, and the way she speaks to her mum is just horrible.But then, the way she speaks to Rae isn’t any better.

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