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: On the Top Menu, click Utilities - Find - Execute and the first 500 transaction will be display. - initial scree BD91 RBDSECHR Send Characteristic BD92 RBDSECLS Send Class BD93 RBDSECLF Send Classification BD97 RBDSDEST Assign RFC dest. Comp/Init: Ntwk; Acty; It CN26N RCN_CV02N_CALLSDisplay Mat. FNQ7 RFVDTAB1 Generate flow type FNQ8 RFVDMAU1 Automatic Clearing for Overpayments FNQ9 RFVDZAP0 Int. KF Planning Layout FOKFP RFVIPL01 Copy Cash Flow to Plan Version FOKG SAPMKES1 Change Stat. KF Planning Layout FOKIP SAPMKPT4 Copy Actual-Plan for Real Estate FOKN RFVIMPLN RE: Displ. Key Figs FOKO RFVICUP0 Check conditions/flow types FOKOBA RFVIKOBA Acct Determination for Cond. Levels (Analysis KEDVS SAPMKETRESTORAGMaintain Old Storage Summ. Data Transfer to CO-PA Plannin KE1Y RKEBPR01 Transfer of CO-PA Plan Data to FI-S KE11 RKEPLDIA Change plan data KE12 RKEPLDIA Display plan data KE13 KPP_FLEX_UPL Upload from Excel KE13N RKE_FLEX_UPL Upload from Excel KE13P RKP_FLEX_UPL_PRLog: Flexible Excel Upload KE14 SAPMKES1 Create Planning Layout KE15 SAPMKES1 Change Planning Layout KE16 SAPMKES1 Display Planning Layout KE17 SAPMKEFB Maintain Planning Authorization Obj KE18 SAPMKEFB Display planning authorization obj. If want to display all the tcodes, make sure you remembered to change the Fields: Maximum no. To get a list of the SAP Table names and descriptions, browse table DD02T in ME00 - Purchasing Main Menu ME21 - Create Purchase Order ME22 - Change Purchase Order ME23 - Display Purchase Order MB00 - Goods Receipt Main Menu VA00 - Sales Main Menu VF00 - Billing Main Menu VL00 - Shipping (Outbound Delivery) Main Menu VL01 - Create Delivery VL01N - Create Outbound Delivery with Order Ref. VL02 - Change Outbound Delivery VL02N - Change Outbound Delivery VL03 - Display Outbound Delivery VL03N - Display Outbound Delivery Besides looking at the following complete long list of SAP TCodes, Tables and Reports, here I provide you another page specifically on some of the more commonly used SAP Functional Transaction Codes and Tables: AAVN RAVRSN00 Recalculate base insurable value ABAA SAPMA01B Unplanned depreciation ABAD SAPMF05A Asset Retire. ABNA SAPMA01B Post-capitalization ABNAN SAPLAMDP Post-Capitalization ABNC SAPMA01B Enter post-capitalization ABNE SAPMA01B Subsequent Revenue ABNK SAPMA01B Subsequent Costs ABNV SAPMSNUM Number range maint: FIAA-BELNR ABSO SAPMA01B Miscellaneous Transactions ABST RAABST01 Reconciliation Analysis FI-AA ABST2 RAABST02 Reconciliation Analysis FI-AA ABT1 SAPLAMDP_OLD Intercompany Asset Transfer ABT1N SAPLAMDP Intercompany Asset Transfer ABUB SAPLABUM Transfer between areas ABUMN SAPLAMDP Transfer within Company Code ABZE SAPMA01B Acquisition from in-house productio ABZK SAPMF05A Acquisition from purchase w. to Logical Systems BD98 RBDCONCH Consistency Check Workflow Connectn BERE RFOPFI00 Business Event Repository BERP RFOPFI01 Business Processes BERPC RFOPFI01 Business Processes BGMN MENUBGMN Warranty Processing BGM1 SAPLBG00 Create Master Warranty BGM2 SAPLBG00 Change Master Warranty BGM3 SAPLBG00 Display Master Warranty BGM6 SAPLBG00 Warranty Entry for Technical Object BG00 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: BGMK_NR BIBS SAPLEXAMPLE_ENTExamples of User Interface Design BIBU SAPMBIBU Test Transaction User Interface BIC RFBVBIC_0 Transfer Bank Data from BIC Databas BKDR SAPLKCD0 Maintain transfer rules BKDS BKD_START Sender Structure Maintenance BMBC RVBBINCO Batch Information Cockpit BMCC RVBCUOBJ Integrity Check for Batch Classif. Components (From DMS) CN27 SAPLCORU Collective confirm. adjustment run FNRA RFVDABG0 Other accruals/deferrals FNRB RFVDBEP0 Memo record update FNRC RFVDABG1 Accruals/deferrals reset FNRD RFVDAZE0 Display incoming payments FNRE RFVDSZE0 DO NOT USE: Reverse Incoming Payment FNRI RFVDABG7 Portfolio Analysis Discount/Premium FNRLZ RFVD_RLZ_LOAN Statement of Remaining Terms FNRS RFVDABG2 Reversal Accrual/Deferral FNR0 RFVDBJR2 Loans: Posting Journal FNR6 RFVDBST0 Insur.prtfolio trends - NEW FNR7 RFVDSLD0 Totals and Balance List FNR8 RFVDKAU1 Account Statement FNR9 RFVDDIS0 Planning List FNSA RFVDREV0 Foreign currency valuation FNSB RFVDSTDA Master data summary FNSL RFVDSALC Balance reconciliation list FNSTA RFVD_LC_LOANCHAProcessing Characteristics FNS1 SAPMSNUM Collateral number range FNT0 RFVDCH92 Loan correspondence (Switzerland) FNT1 RFVDWDV1 Autom. - Reminder Print RLR FOBK RFVIBKCP Copy real estate company codes FOBL RFVIMADC Rent Adj. KE19 RKEB0403 Reorganize Planning Layouts KE2B RKEAE015 Correction to Incoming Orders KE2C RKEAEDEL Delete records from error file KE2D RKEAEERR Display Error File KE2K SAPMKCIK CO-PA: Maintain Key Figures KE2T RKEPGEDI CO-PA: Assign IDoc Fields KE2U RKEPAEDI CO-PA: Display Segment Types EDIMAP KE21 SAPMKEI1 Create CO-PA line item KE21N SAPMKEI2 CO-PA Line Item Entry KE21S SAPMKEI2 CO-PA Valuation Simulation KE23 SAPMKEI1 Display CO-PA line item KE23N SAPMKEI2 CO-PA Line Item Display KE24 RKEB0601 Line Item Display - Actual Data KE25 RKEB0601 Line Item Display - Plan Data KE26 RKE_KE26 Repost Accounting Document KE27 RKEBPR01 Periodic valuation KE27S COPA_REVERSE_KEReversal of KE27 Delta Line Items KE28 RKEBPR01 Create top-down distribution KE29 RKEBPRAD Management KE3A RKDREOBE CO-PA: Reorganize reports data KE3B RKEBATCH Print and actualize reports KE3C RKDREOFO Reorganize Forms KE3D RKEB0404 Reorganize Line Item Layouts KE3E RKES0101 Maintain Global Variables KE3F SAPMKES1 Create line item layout KE3G SAPMKES1 Change Line Item Layout KE3H SAPMKES1 Display line item layout KE3I SAPMKCTR CO-PA: Transport tool KE3J SAPMKEFT Import KE3K RKEB0801 Maintain hierarchy KE3L RKDREPDV Split report KE3M RKDREOBE Overview of Reports KE3P RKDBATV3 Maintain Variant Groups KE3Q RKDBAT02 Maintain Variants KE3R RKDBATV4 Schedule Variant Group KE3S RKDBATV5 Define Variant Group KE3T RKDREOVG Reorganization of Variant Groups KE3X SAPMKKB5 Customize Application Tree KE3Y RKEB0701 Report selection KE3Z SAPMKCB9 Convert profitability report KE30 SAPMKCEE Execute profitability report KE31 SAPMKCEE Create profitability report KE32 SAPMKCEE Change Report KE33 SAPMKCEE Display Report KE34 SAPMKES1 Create form KE35 SAPMKES1 Change form KE36 SAPMKES1 Display form KE37 SAPMKEFB Maintain Report Authorization Objec KE38 SAPMKEFB Display report authorization object KE39 RKDREODA CO-PA: Reorganize report data KE4A SAPMV12A Change condition table KE4B SAPMV12A Display condition table KE4C SAPMV13A Copy Condition KE4F RKEAE005 Post Incoming Orders Subsequently KE4L SAPMV14A Pricing report KE4N SAPMV14A Change Pricing Report KE4O SAPMV14A Display Pricing Report KE4Q SAPMV14A Execute Pricing Report KE4S RKERV002 Post billing documents to CO-PA KE4SFI RKEFI005 CO-PA: Post Subsequently from FI KE4SMM RKEMM005 CO-PA: Post Material Documents Subs KE4ST RKERV002 Simulation billg docs transfer CO-P KE4S00 RKECADL1 CO-PA: Reversal of Line Items KE4T RKEAE009 Set Up Transfer of Incoming Orders KE4TS RKEAE011 Simulate Doc. Assuming you know that most Materials Management transaction codes start with MM. Posted w/Clearing Acc AB01 SAPMA01B Create asset transactions AB02 SAPLAB01 Change asset document AB03 SAPLAB01 Display Asset Document AB08 SAPLAB01 Reverse Line Items ACACAD ACEPSCALLBKEDR ACE Account Assignment ACBD ATPBD001 Display Shared Buffer: ATP Check ACCR MENUACCR Personal Menu Volker Hofmann ACCR01 SAPMACCR01 Create Accrual/Deferral Document ACCR02 SAPMACCR01 Change Accrual/Deferral Document ACCR03 SAPMACCR01 Display Accrual/Deferral Document ACCR04 RACCRPROCESS Execute Accruals/Deferrals ACCR05 RACCRAPPLOG Display Accruals/Deferrals Log ACCR06 RACCRAPPLOGDEL Delete Accruals/Deferrals Log ACCR07 RACCRREVERSAL Reverse Accruals/Deferrals ACEC ACE_IMG Accrual Engine - IMG ACEPP ACEPS_PERIODIC_Accrual Engine - Periodic Postings ACEREV ACEPS_REVERSAL_Reverse Postings ACNR SAPMSNUM No. Service ACTL SAPLKAZB INTERNAL: Work List AC00 MENUAC00 Service Master AC01 SAPLBAS0 Service Master AC02 SAPLBAS0 Service Master AC03 SAPLBAS0 Service Master AC04 SAPLBAS0 Service Master AC05 RXASMD10 List Processing: Service Master AC06 RXASMD10 List Display: Service Master AC08 RBDSESRV Send service AC10 RMMLCLST Class Hierarchy with Services AD08 SAPMSD08 Enter G/L Account Posting AD20 SAPLSD30 Search help maintenance (for IMG) AD21 SAPMSD20 Matchcode maintenance (for IMG) AFAB RAPOST2000 Post depreciation AFABN RAPOST2000 Post Depreciation AFAF RAT08400 Assets with errors AFAMA RAVCLUST View Maint. Multi-Level Method AFAMSK RAVCLUST Method: Levels in Calendar Years AFAR RAAFAR00 Recalculate Depreciation AFBD RABUCH20 Recreate Dep. Analysis - Sensitivitie AIST SAPMA12B Reverse Settlement of Au C AJAB RAJABS00 Year-End Closing AJRW RAJAWE00 Fiscal Year Change AKAB SAPMWAKA List purchasing arrangements AKE1 SAPMV13A Create Condition AKE10 SAPMV13A Transfer Prices: Display Overhead AKE2 SAPMV13A Change Condition AKE3 SAPMV13A Display Condition AKE4 SAPMV13A Copy Condition AKE5 SAPMV13A PCA Transfer Prices: Create Prices AKE6 SAPMV13A PCA Transfer Prices: Change Prices AKE7 SAPMV13A PCA Transfer Prices: Display Prices AKE8 SAPMV13A Transfer Prices: Create Overhead AKE9 SAPMV13A Transfer Prices: Change Overhead AKKO SAPMWAKA Promotion pur. conditions AKVA SAPMWAKA List sales arrangements AKVK SAPMWAKA Promotion sales price conditions ALM_01 RJBACFART2KNZ ALM: Assign CF Type to CF Indicator ALO1 RASHLO00 Determine ASH/DOREX Relationships AL02 RSDB0000 Database alert monitor AL03 RSRZOLD Operating system alert monitor AL04 RSSTAT85 Monitor call distribution AL05 RSSTAT27 Monitor current workload AL08 RSUSR000 Users Logged On AL11 RSWATCH0 Display SAP Directories AL12 RSDBBUFF Display table buffer (Exp. Syst AL18 RSRZOLD Local File System Monitor AL19 RSRZOLD Remote File System Monitor AMRP RMCPAMRP Send Stock/Requirements List AM04 SAPMA01A Changes to Asset Classes AM05 RACSTABL Lock Asset Class ANHAL RAVCLUST Maintain Cutoff Value Key ANKA RAMUST03 Directory of asset classes ANKL AWIZ_ANKL Generate Asset Classes ANK0 RAVCLUST Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. BDM5 RBDCUS19 Technical Consistency Check BDM6 RBDMOINF Monitor: Check input workflow BDM7 RBDAUD01 ALE Audit: statistical analyses BDM8 RBDSTATE ALE Audit: Sending the confirmation BDM9 RBDAUD02 Reorganizing the audit database BDN1 BDSFIND_1 Business Document Service: Document BDRC SAPLBDRC ALE: Determine Recovery Objects BDRL RBDRCOBJ ALE: Process recovery objects BDR1 RBDRCLOG Display application log for recover BDR2 RBDRCCLR Reorganization of recovery data BDTP SAPLBDDISTMODELBusiness Process- Maintain Template BDWE02 RBDSTARTWE02 Call we02 BDXA RBDCUS48 Distribution of Distribution Groups BDXD RBDCUS47 Import of ALE Requests BDXE RBDCUS44 Generation of ALE Requests BDXI RBDCUS51 Model Display (Specific) BDXJ SAPLBAL2 Maintenance of Distribution Groups BDXK RBDCUS40 Convert CONDAT Objects in Dist. Scrn CJ7E SAPLKO71 Plan Settlement: Projects CJ7G SAPLKO71 Plan Settlement: Projects CJ7M RKPEP004 Project Plan Cost Line Items CJ7N RKPEP012 Maint. CJ70 RKPEP012 Maintain Project Settlement LIs CJ72 RKPEP012 Project: Act. line item settlm CJ74 RKPEP003 Project Actual Cost Line Items CJ76 RKPEP005 Project Commitment Line Items CJ8A SAPLKO71 Act.-setlmt: Proj. from IM CJ8G SAPLKO71 Actual Settlement: Projects/Network CJ8V RKPVAR00 Period Close for Project Selection CJ80 RCNCO081 Availability Control - Overview CJ81 RCNCO083 Update Report List CJ88 SAPLKO71 Settle Projects and Networks CJ9B SAPMKPT4 Copy WBS Plan to Plan (Collective) CJ9BS SAPMKPT4 Copy WBS Plan to Plan (Indiv.) CJ9C SAPMKPT4 Copy WBS Actual to Plan (Collective CJ9CS SAPMKPT4 Copy WBS Actual to Plan (Indiv.) CJ9D RCNCP001 Copy Plan Versions CJ9E SAPLKO71 Plan Settlement: Projects CJ9ECP RECP_PS Project System: Easy Cost Planning CJ9F SAPMKPT4 Copy Project Costing (Collective) CJ9FS SAPMKPT4 Copy Project Costing (Indiv.) CJ9G SAPLKO71 Plan Settlement: Projects CJ9K RCNNEUPD Network Costing CJ9L SAPLKAZB Forecast Costs: Individual Projects CJ9M SAPLKAZB Forecast Costs: Coll. Obj CL6M RMCLKDEL Delete Class (with Assignments) CL6O SAPMMCLU Plus-Minus Object Display CL6P RMCLKLVW Where-Used List for Classes CL6Q RMCLLIST Where-Used List for Classes CL6R RCCLDI01 Direct Input for Classes CL6T RMCLTEXT Copy Text for Classes CMAP0 SAPMCMAPMAINT Configurable Semantic Mapping CMCH RCCYOVRC Check overall profile CMC0 MENUCMC0 CMD1 SAPMV13B Create Output: Direct Procurement CMD2 SAPMV13B Change output: Direct procurement CMD3 SAPMV13B Display Output: Direct Procurement CMFN SAPMSNUM Number Range Maint: CMF_PROTOK (SAP CMIG RCMIG_BOM i PPE Migration Tool CMOD SAPMSMOD Enhancements CMPC2 SAPMV12A Cond Tab: Create (Campaign Determ.) CMPC3 SAPMV12A Cond Tab: Change (Campaign Determ.) CMPC4 SAPMV12A Cond Tab: Display (Campaign Determ.) CMPP MENUCMPP Workforce Planning CMPRO SAPMWCM03 Category Management: Project Mainten CMP2 SAPLMP01 Workforce Planning: Project View CMP3 SAPLMP01 Workforce Planning: Work Center Vie CMP9 SAPLMP01 Workforce Planning - Reporting CMRP MENUCMRP MRP CMS_CS RCMS_COLL_SHEETCollateral Sheet CMS1 SAPMGSBM Create set (PPC) CMS2 SAPMGSBM Change Set CMS3 SAPMGSBM Display Set CMS4 SAPMGSBM Delete Set CMV1 SAPMGSGM Create variable CMV2 SAPMGSGM Change variable CMV3 SAPMGSGM Display variable CMV4 SAPMGSGM Delete value variable CMWO CM_WORKBENCH Configuration Management Workbench CMXSV RCMXXSRSELECT Standard XStep Repository CMX05 RCMXXSTEST01 XSteps: BADI Monitor CM0X SAPMC65A Capacity planning CM00 MENUCM00 CM01 SAPMC65A Capacity evaluation work center view: Load CM02 SAPMC65A Capacity planning; work center orders CM03 SAPMC65A Capacity planning; work center pool CM04 SAPMC65A Capacity planning; work center backlo CM05 SAPMC65A Capacity plan.: Work center overload CM07 SAPMC65A Capacity planning: Variable access CM10 SAPMC65B Capacity leveling CM11 SAPMC65C Maintain flow control CM21 Capacity leveling work center view – Capacity planning table CM22 Capacity leveling work center view – Capacity planning table (tabular form) CM23 Capacity leveling order view – Capacity planning table (tabular form) CM25 Capacity leveling: Online CM26 Capacity leveling project view – Capacity planning table (tabular form) CM27 Capacity leveling individual capacity view – Capacity planning table CM28 Capacity leveling individual capacity view – Capacity planning table (tabular form) CM31 Capacity leveling order view – Capacity planning table CM32 Capacity leveling project view – Capacity planning table CM40 RCCYMAB1 Capacity leveling: Execute in the background CM41 RCCYMAB3 Evaluation of leveling: Background log CM50 Extended evaluation: Work center view CM51 Extended evaluation: Individual capacity view CM52 Extended evaluation: Order view CM53 Extended evaluation: Project view: WBS element/operation CM54 Extended evaluation: Project view: Version CM55 Extended evaluation: Work center/Version CM99 RCCYLOAD Generate basic capacity load CNB1 RM06BKPS Purchase requisitions for project CNB2 RM06EKPS Purchase orders for project CNC4 RCNCC300 Consistency checks for WBS CNC5 RCNCC200 Consistency checks sales order/proj CNE1 SAPLKAZB Project Progress (Individual Proc.) CNE2 SAPLKAZB Project Progress (Collective Proc.) CNE5 RCNST000 Progress Analysis CNG9 OCNETOPT Graph. CNS71 RCNST000 Create versions CNVL SAPM0CNL Variable Overviews CNW1 SAPMCNW1 WWW: Confirmation CNW4 SAPLCNSE_APPS Project Documents CN01 SAPLCPDI Create Standard Network CN02 SAPLCPDI Change Standard Network CN03 SAPLCPDI Display Standard Network CN04 SAPLCNTX Edit PS Text Catalog CN05 SAPLCNTX Display PS Text Catalog CN06 SAPMCNMP MPX Download: Standard Network CN07 SAPMCNMP MPX Upload: Standard Network CN08 SAPMCNSM Allocate material - stand. Processing of Assgt to Cvr E FM7S SAPLFMAB Mass Maintenac. Groups for Cover Pools FM79 SAPLFMDK Grouping Chars for Cover Pool FM80 SAPMFCD0 Budget Incr. other loan FNAI SAPMF67A Reactivate deleted other loan cntrc FNAK SAPMF67U Select file character FNAL SAPMF67A Reactivate deleted BNL contract FNAM SAPMF67A Reactivate deleted policy contract FNASL RFVDASL0 Loans: Account Analysis FNA0 SAPMF67A Policy application in contract FNA1 SAPMF67A Create Mortgage Offer FNA2 SAPMF67A Change Mortgage Offer FNA3 SAPMF67A Display Mortgage Loan Offer FNA4 SAPMF67A Mortgage Application Rescission FNA5 SAPMF67A Mortgage application in contract FNA6 SAPMF67A Create policy application FNA7 SAPMF67A Change policy application FNA8 SAPMF67A Display policy application FNA9 SAPMF67A Policy Application Rescission FNBD RFVDBES0 Loans-Automatic bal.sheet transfer FNBG RFVDBGE0 Guarantee charges list FNBT RFVDBSTR Balance Sheet Transfer FNBU MENUFNBU DARWIN- Loans accounting menu FNB1 SAPMF67B Transfer to a Loan FNB2 SAPMF67B Transfer from a Loan FNB3 SAPMF68V Document Reversal - Loans FNB8 SAPMF69N BAV Information FNB9 SAPMF69N BAV transfer FNCD RFVDOFIDUN1 Transfer Customizing for Dunning FNCL SAPLFVD_MD_VIEWConsumer Loan FNCNCL RFVDCNCLFD Delete Cancellation Indicator FNCP1 RFVD_CHGPTR_CREGenerate Change Pointers Manually FNCP3 RFVD_CHGPTR_DISDisplay change pointers FNCP4 RFVD_CHGPTR_DELReorganize change pointers FNDD RFVDDUNNDATE Convert Dunning Data in Dunn. for RE General Contrac FOIW BUSVIEWS RECN Cust: Authorization Types FOIW21 SAPLIQS0 Create PM Notifications in RE FOIZ BUSVIEWS RECN Cust: Field Groups for Author. KEA0 SAPMKEA3_NEW CO-PA: Maintain Operating Concern KEA0O SAPMKEA3 CO-PA: Maintain Operating Concern KEA5 RKCMKCGD Maintain Characteristics KEA6 RKCMKCGD Edit Value Fields KEBA RKEBER01 Display operating concern KEBC RKEBER01 Change operating concern KEBI RKEBER01 Set operating concern (batch-input) KEB0 RKEBW100 Create CO-PA Data Source KEB2 RKEBW201 Display Dtld Info on CO-PA Data Srce KEB3 RKEBW202 Activate Debugging Support KEB4 RKEBW203 Reset Replication Status KEB5 RKEBW211 Reduce Data Volumes for Test KECA COPA_COPY Copying Transaction Data (Actual) KECB COPA_ERKRS_2_BUCO-PA Company Code Line Items KECC COPA_COPY_PLAN Copy Transaction Data ( Plan ) KECM SAPMKECM_MAIN CO-PA: Customizing Monitor KECP SAPMKECP Copy Operating Concern KECT RKE_CALL_CTU1 Maintain Environ. Levels KEDUSM RKETRERF_PERIODCO-PA: Monitor Build for Summ. KEGAN SAPLKAL1 Delete Indirect Plan Acty Allocatio KEGB SAPMKGA2 Execute Indirect Plan Acty Alloc. Groups for Actual and Plannin KEPD RKE_CALL_VC_TKECharacteristic groups for reports KEPM RKEPLKEPM CO-PA Planning KEPM_W SAPLKEPLUW Sales & Profit Planning in the WWW KEPMU RKE_CONVERT_LAYCreate Planning Level from Layout KEPP RKEPLPPR Check plan structure KEPZ RKE_CALL_V_TKEPSegment-Specific Planning Functions KEPZ_E RKE_CALL_V_TKEPAccess of Segment-Specific Events KEPZ_P RKE_CALL_V_TKEPAccess of Segment-Specific Forecast KEPZ_U RKE_CALL_V_TKEPAccess of Segment-Specific Revaltn KEPZ_V RKE_CALL_V_TKEPAccess of Segment-Specific Distr. Concern KER1 RKEB0401 Maintain Key Figure Scheme KES1 RKMERK00 CO-PA Maintain Characteristic Value KES2 RKMERK00 Customizing: Display characteristic KES3 SAPMKXHI Maintain Characteristics Hierarchy KETE SAPMKE0C_TEMP CO-PA: Operating Concern Templates KETR RKCTRTX1 CO-PA Translation Tool KEUA SAPMKAL1 Delete Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs KEUAN SAPLKAL1 Delete Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs KEUB SAPMKGA2 Perform plan cost-ctr cost transfer KEUC SAPMKGA1 Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs; Overvie KEUCN SAPMKGA1 Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs; Overvie KEUD RKE_KEUD Overview Actual Assessment Cycles KEUE RKE_KEUE Overview Plan Assessment Cycles KEUG RKEU1GEN Set up cost-center cost transfer KEUH RKEU_KEYFIGURE Maintain Key Figures for Allocation KEUU RKDREODA Reorganize data KEU1 SAPMKAL1 Create Actual Transfer of CCtr Cost KEU1N SAPLKAL1 Create Actual Transfer of CCtr Cost KEU2 SAPMKAL1 Change Actual Transfer of CCtr Cost KEU2N SAPLKAL1 Change Actual Transfer of CCtr Cost KEU3 SAPMKAL1 Display Actl Transfer of CCtr Costs KEU3N SAPLKAL1 Display Actl Transfer of CCtr Costs KEU4 SAPMKAL1 Delete Actual Transfer of CCtr Cost KEU4N SAPLKAL1 Delete Actual Transfer of CCtr Cost KEU5 SAPMKGA2 Perform act. Conditions Table (Purchasing M/13 SAPMV12A Create Condition Table (Service) M/14 SAPMV12A Change Condition Table (Services) M/15 SAPMV12A Display Condition Table (Services) M/56 SAPMV12A Messages: Create Cond. In the Fields: Transaction code, type in MM* and press the function key F4 The list of transaction code starting with MM will be displayed. Batch Input Session AFBN RAFABNEW Include New Depreciation Area AFBP RAPOST2001 Create depreciation posting log AFWA SAPMJBRA Create Maintain Analysis Structures AFWFL SAPMAFWCH_FL AFWCH: Filter Maintenance AFWO1 RAFWGO_SHOWEP1 Single Records Procedure: Monitorin AFWO2 RAFWGO_SHOWEP2 Final Results Procedure: Monitoring AFWS SAPMAFWCH_SEGMCMaintain Segment Level Characterist AFX_WB AFX_WORKBENCH Archiving Workbench AIAB SAPMA15B Au C Assignment of Dist. session) AL13 RSTUNSHM Display Shared Memory (Expert mode) AL15 RSHOSTLD Customize SAPOSCOL destination AL16 RSHOST07 Local Alert Monitor for Operat. Grou BDXL RBDCUS57 Forward ALE Requests BDXM RBDCUS58 Analysis of Log Table BDXN RBDCUS59 Analyze Inbound Log Table BDXQ RBDCUS64 IMG Display of Distribution Groups BD10 RBDSEMAT Send Material BD100 RBDIDOCCHAN IDoc display object channel view BD101 RBDSERCHECK Consistency check BD11 RBDFEMAT Get Material BD12 RBDSEDEB Send customer BD13 RBDFEDEB Get customer BD14 RBDSECRE Send vendor BD15 RBDFECRE Open vendor BD16 RBDSECOS Send Cost Center BD17 RBDFECOS Get Cost Center BD18 RBDSEGLM Send General Ledger Account BD19 RBDFEGLM Get General Ledger Account BD20 RBDAPP01 IDoc passed to application BD21 RBDMIDOC Select change pointer BD22 RBDCPCLR Delete change pointers BD23 RBDSRCLR Delete serialization data BD24 RBDSECOE Send Cost Elements BD25 RBDSECOA Send Activity Type BD26 RBDFECOA Get Activity Type BD27 RBDSEACT Send cost center activity prices BD28 RBDSECOK Send obj/cost element control data BD30 RBDSEBOM Distribute material object list BD31 RBDSEBMD Distribute document object list BD32 RBDSEPAM Distribute plant allocations(mat BOM BD33 RBDSESTT Distribute material variants (ALE) BD34 RBDSEORD Distribute order BOM BD35 RGSALEBP Send Business Process Groups BD36 RBDSEBPS Send Business Processes BD37 RBDSEBPT Send Business Process Price BD40 RBDSER01 Read change pointer for group BD41 RBDSER02 Dispatch IDocs for group BD42 RBDSER03 Check IDocs for group BD43 RBDSER04 Post IDocs for group BD53 RBDIDOCR Reduction of Message Types BD61 RBDTBDA1 Activate Change Pointers - Generall BD62 SAPMKCDB Define Segment Conversion Rule BD63 RBDCUS02 Transport ALE Tables of Message Typ BD64 SAPLBDDISTMODELMaintenance of Distribution Model BD70 RBDCUS03 Synchronize Number Ranges BD72 RBDEVACT Activate Events BD73 RBDMANIN Reposting of IDocs (ALE) BD75 RBDMOIND Convert IDoc Status BD77 RBDTRAN1 Distribution of control data BD78 RBDTRAN2 Monitoring control data distributio BD79 SAPMBKCD Maintain IDoc Conversion Rules BD82 RBDCUS15 Generate Partner Profiles BD83 RBDAGAIN Send IDocs after an ALE error BD84 RBDAGAI2 Post IDocs after ALE error BD85 RBDCUS23 Consistency check for transfer BD86 RBDCUS26 Consistency check for sales BD87 RBDMON00 Status Monitor for ALE Messages BD89 RBDCUS31 Control data model. network CN11 SAPMCNSM Create standard milestone CN12 SAPMCNSM Change standard milestone CN13 SAPMCNSM Display standard milestone CN19 RCN_CV02N_CALLSDisplay Activity (From DMS) CN2X SAPLCORU Confirm Completions in Network CN20 SAPLCOKO Dsply network/data CN21 SAPLCOKO Create Network CN22 SAPLCOKO Capacity requirements - Change network CN23 SAPLCOKO Capacity requirements - Display network CN24 SAPLCOKO Overall Network Scheduling CN25 SAPLCORU Confirm Completions in Network CN26 SAPLCOKO Display Mat. Rules-Cover Eligibilt FM7U SAPLFMAB Multiple Processing of Assgts to CE FM71 SAPLFMDK Maintain Cover Pool FM72 SAPLFMDK Assign FM Acct Asst to Cover Pool FM73 RFFMSN99 Create Cust. Histor FNEN RFVD_ENTER Create Loan FNEXP RFVD_LOAN_DISTRExport Interface Loans FNFO SAPMF67F ISIS: Create file FNFP SAPMF67F ISIS: Change file FNFQ SAPMF67F ISIS: Display file FNFR RFVDPSF0 ISIS: Fill file FNFT RFVDPA03 Rollover: File evaluation FNFU RFVDPA02 Rollover: Update file FNF1 SAPMF67F Rollover: Create file FNF2 SAPMF67F Rollover: Change file FNF3 SAPMF67F Rollover: Display file FNF9 RFVDPA01 Rollover: Evaluations FNG2 SAPMF67G Total Loan Commitment FNG3 RFVD_EVAL_PARTNLoan Commitment FNIA SAPMF67I Create inquiry FNIB SAPMF67I Change inquiry FNIC SAPMF67I Display Inquiry FNID SAPMF67I Deactivate Interested Party FNIE SAPMF67I Reactivate Interested Party FNIH SAPMF67H Decision-making FNIJ SAPMF67J Create credit standing FNIK SAPMF67J Change credit standing FNIL SAPMF67J Display credit standing FNIN SAPMF67J Create collateral value FNIO SAPMF67J Change collateral value FNIP SAPMF67J Display collateral value FNI1 SAPMF67A Create mortgage application FNI2 SAPMF67A Change mortgage application FNI3 SAPMF67A Display Mortgage Loan Application FNI4 SAPMF67A Mortgage Application Rescission FNI5 SAPMF67A Mortgage application to offer FNI6 SAPMF67A Mortgage application in contract FNK0 RFVDKWGO Multimillion Loan Display (GBA14) FNK1 RFVDORG2 Loans to Managers (GBA15) FNMA MENUFNMA Partner data: Settings menu FNMD MENUFNMD Submenu General Loans FNME MENUFNME Loans management menu FNMEC MENUFNMEC Loans Management Menu FNMH MENUFNMH Loans management menu FNMI MENUFNMI Loans information system FNMO MENUFNMO Loans Menu Policy Loans FNMP MENUFNMP Rollover FNMS MENUFNMS Loans Menu Borrower's Notes FNM1 RFVSOLD2 Automatic Posting FNM1S RFVSOLD2 Automatic Posting - Single FNM2 SAPMF68U Balance sheet transfer FNM3 SAPMF68S Loans reversal module FNM4 SAPMF68U Undisclosed assignment FNM5 RFVSOLD3 Automatic debit position simulation FNM6 RFVD_INT_ON_ARRPost Interest on Arrears FNN4 SAPMF67P Display general file FNN5 SAPMF67P Edit general file FNN6 SAPMF67P Display general main file FNN7 SAPMF67P Edit general main file FNN8 SAPMF67P Display general main file FNN9 SAPMF67P Edit general overall file FNO1 SAPMF68O Create Object FNO2 SAPMF68O Change Object FNO3 SAPMF68O Display Object FNO5 SAPMF68L Create collateral FNO6 SAPMF68L Change collateral FNO7 SAPMF68L Display collateral FNO8 RFVOBJ01 Create Objects from File FNO9 RFVSIC01 Create Collateral from File FNP0 SAPMF67A Edit rollover manually FNP4 SAPMF67P Rollover: Display file FNP5 SAPMF67P Rollover: Edit File FNP6 SAPMF67P Rollover: Display main file FNP7 SAPMF67P Rollover: Edit main file FNP8 SAPMF67P Rollover: Display overall file FNP9 SAPMF67P Rollover: Edit overall file FNQF RFVDZACH Swiss interest adjustment run FNQG RFVDCHSZ Swiss special interest run FNQ2 RFVDNGS0 New Business Statistics FNQ5 RFVDTAB0 - Acct FNQ6 RFVDTAB0 Compare Flow Type/Account Determin. - Reminder Print IND FOBP RFVIRNBP Properties: Usage type acc. FOI0 MENUFOI0 RE Contract: Development Menu FOI1 BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: Applications FOI10 BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: Search Help FOI2 BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: Field groups FOI3 BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: Views FOI4 BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: Sections FOI5 BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: Screens FOI6 BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: Screen Sequences FOI7 BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: Times FOI8 BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: GUI Standard Functions FOI9 BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: GUI Additional Functions FOJA SAPLFVMH Maintain participation ID FOJB SAPLFVMH Display participation ID FOJE BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: Activities FOJG SAPMF60M RE Contract One-Time Posting FOJP RFVICN60 RECN-BDT: BDT Data Client Copy FOJQ RFVICN61 RE Contract: Create CN (Legacy Data FOJR RFVICN03 RE Contract: Periodic Postings Log FOJT RFVIRN00 RE Customer: Renewal FOJU SAPMF60U RE Contract: Maintain Sales Reports FOJUN SAPMF60UN_VICN0RE Contract: Maintain Sales Reports FOJUNS SAPMF60UN_VICN0Enter Sales with Condition Types FOJV RFVIRECNSTART RE Contract: Create Defaults FOJW SAPMF60U RE Contract: Display Sales Reports FOJWN SAPMF60UN_VICN0RE Contract: Display Sales Reports FOJWNS SAPMF60UN_VICN0Display Sales with Condition Types FOJX RFVIRECNSTART RE Contract: Change Defaults FOJY RFVIRECNSTART RE Contract: Display Defaults FOJZ RFVICN50 RE Contract: Contract Data Reportin FOJ0 MENUFOJ0 Contract: Application Menu FOJ1 SAPMF60J Maintain Comparative Group FOJ2 SAPMF60J Display Comparative Group of Apartm FOJ4 RFVICN70 Cash Flow Generator General Contrac FOJ5 RFVICN80 Display Contingencies FOJ6 RFVISL73 Correction of VISLID Entries FOJ7 RFVISL72 Correction of T033F Entries FOJ8 RFVIRECNVIEWS RECN-Cust: Object Part FOKA RFVIPTR7 RE: Import Planning Layout FOKB RFVIPTR6 RE: Transport Planning Layouts FOKC SAPMKES1 Create Cost Element Planning Layout FOKD SAPMKES1 Change Cost Element Planning Layout FOKE SAPMKES1 Display Cost Element Planning Layou FOKF SAPMKES1 Create Stat. Inpt FOKPP SAPMKPT4 Copy Plan-Plan for Real Estate FOKQ RFVIMPLN RE: Displ. Lvls KEDV SAPMKEDV CO-PA: Maintain Summarization Level KEDVP RKETREPROP Default for Summarization Levels KEDVPD RKETREPROPD Proposal for Summ. KEGC SAPMKGA1 Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.: Overview KEGCN SAPMKGA1 Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.: Overview KEGD RKE_KEGD Overview Actual IAA Cycles KEGE RKE_KEGE Overview Plan IAA Cycles KEGV RKEPLANMETHOD Generate Variant from KEPM Environm KEG1 SAPMKAL1 Create Indirect Actual Acty Alloc. Ke KEP6 SAPMSVMA Maintain characteristics KEP7 SAPMSVMA Display characteristics KEP8 SAPMSVMA Operating concerns KEQ5 RKEAVIEW Maintain View for Defined Op. cost-ctr cost transfer KEU6 SAPMKGA1 Actl Transfer of CCtr Costs; Overvie KEU6N SAPMKGA1 Actl Transfer of CCtr Costs; Overvie KEU7 SAPMKAL1 Create Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs KEU7N SAPLKAL1 Create Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs KEU8 SAPMKAL1 Change Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs KEU8N SAPLKAL1 Change Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs KEU9 SAPMKAL1 Display Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs KEU9N SAPLKAL1 Display Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs KEVG RKEABCVGA Record Types for Process Costs KEVG2 RKE_CALL_V_TKEVAssign Characteristic Group KEVG3 RKE_CALL_V_TKEVAssign Value Field Groups KEV0 SAPLKEFV_MNT Maintain Distribution Keys KEV1 SAPMGPSP Create distribution key KEV2 SAPMGPSP Change distribution key KEV3 SAPMGPSP Display distribution key KEV4 SAPMGPSP Delete distribution key KEWUSL RKEWUSL Where-Used List for Cycles (PA) KEWW RKDREOFO Reorganize forms KEX9 RKEB0405 Reorganize planning layouts KEZ5 RKE_DIST Execute Distribution KE0B RKEPAKAR Archiving: CO-PA KE0C RKEALEGV CO-PA Distribution: Initial Supply KE0D RKEALEAG CO-PA Distribution: Reconciliation KE0E RKEALE02 CO-PA Distribution: Installation KE0G RKEALERU CO-PA Distribution: Roll-up KE1A RKEBPR01 Copy complete plan KE1B RKEBPR01 Process complete plan KE1C RKEBPR01 Delete Plan Data KE1D RKEBPR01 Forecast Plan Data KE1E RKEBPR01 Transfer Plan Data to SOP KE1F RKEBPRAD Complete Plan Management KE1G RKEBPR01 Top-Down Complete Plan KE1H RKEPLDIA CO-PA Planning: Set Planner Profile KE1K RKEBPR01 Transfer to LIS KE1L RKEPLPST Create Plan Structure KE1M RKEPLPST Change Plan Structure KE1N RKEPLPST Display Plan Structure KE1O RKE_CALL_V_TKEPMaintain User Exits for Planning KE1Q RKEREOLT Reorganize Long Texts KE1V RKEBPR01 Transfer to EC-PCA KE1W RKEBPR01 Transfer of CO-PA Plan Data to FI-G KE1XO RKEVEXT0 Ext. Table: RFQ M/57 SAPMV12A Messages: Change Condition Table M/58 SAPMV12A Messages: Display Cond Tab: RFQ M/59 SAPMV12A Messages: Create Cond Tab: Pur. Planning Model Init CBP7 RCCBP_SOP_MODELUpdate SOP ext.

Send a Amazon e-gift card to [email protected] email: [email protected] THE PAYMENT: Send Instant delivery Email amazon gift card Instructions: The picture below explains what to do on the next page.Grp BUSS BUP1 BUSSTART Create Business Partner BUP2 BUSSTART Change Business Partner BUP3 BUSSTART Display Business Partner BUSB BUSVIEWS BDT: Assign Screen Field-DB Field BUSC BUSVIEWS BDT: Field Grouping Criteria BUSD BUSVIEWS BDT: BP Roles BUSE BUSVIEWS BDT: BP Role Groupings BUSF BUSVIEWS BDT: Application Transactions BUSG BUSVIEWS BDT: Tables BUSH BUSVIEWS BDT: External applications BUSI BUSVIEWS BDT: Activities BUSJ BUSVIEWS BP Control: Func Mod. Field Grouping BUSP BUSCRCNT Generate Screen Containers BUS1 BUSVIEWS BDT: Applications BUS10 BUSVIEWS BDT: Search Help BUS11 BUSVIEWS BDT: Assgn BAPI Field to Field Grou BUS2 BUSVIEWS BDT: Field Groups BUS23 BUSVIEWS BP Tax: Data Sets BUS3 BUSVIEWS BDT: Views BUS4 BUSVIEWS BDT: Sections BUS5 BUSVIEWS BDT: Screens BUS6 BUSVIEWS BDT: Screen Sequences BUS7 BUSVIEWS BDT: Events BUS8 BUSVIEWS BDT: GUI Standard Functions BUS9 BUSVIEWS BDT: GUI Additional Functions BUTI BUPTDARK Update Without Dialog BUTJ BUPFILED Generate Test File (DI) BV01 SAPMF69N BAV Transfer/Securities Init. to Order Numbers CO21 PPCOFA10 Orders for Material CO22 PPCOFA20 Orders for the MRP controller CO23 PPCOFA30 Orders for the production scheduler CO24 PPCMP000 Missing Parts Info Syst CO26 PPIOA000 Order information system CO27 PPIOM000 Picking list CO28 SAPLCOIS Choose indiv. Scree BV02 SAPMF69N BAV Transfer / Loans Initial Screen BV03 SAPMF69N_CORE BAV Trnsfr / Real Estate Init. Scree BV12 SAPMF69N BAV Display / Loans Initial Screen BV13 SAPMF69N_CORE BAV Display/ Real Estate Init. object lists CO30 MENUCO30 Standard trigger points CO31 SAPMCNSM Create standard trigger point CO32 SAPMCNSM Change standard trigger point CO33 SAPMCNSM Display standard trigger point CO40 SAPLCOKO1 Converting Planned Order CO41 SAPLCOUP Coll. Log Data Transfer CBIH92 RMWBP00 Agent Workbench CBMRP SAPLCBPMRP CBP requirements planning CBP MENUCBP Constraint Based Planning Workbench CBPV SAPBPCPV Uploading PDC messages CBP1 RCCBP_GEN_VAR_MMRP master data download CBP2 RCCBP_GEN_VAR_MMRP transactional data download CBP3 RCCBP_GEN_VAR_MSOP master data download CBP4 RCCBP_MRP_MODELStart inintialization (MRP) CBP5 RCCBP_SOP_PLANNDisplay ext. Planning Log SOP CBP6 RCCBP_SOP_MODELStart SOP ext. planning CJT2 RKPEP010 Project Actual Payment Line Items CJVC RCNCC020 Value Category Checking Program CJV1 SAPLCJTR Create project version (simulation) CJV2 SAPLCJTR Change project version (simulation) CJV3 SAPLCJTR Display project version (simulation CJV4 SAPMCNVS Transfer project CJV5 SAPMCNVS Delete simulation version CJV6 SAPLCJVK Maintenance: Version administration CJV7 SAPMCNVS Display transfer log CJW1 RBPEWU1P EURO: Adjust Project Budget CJZ1 SAPLKAZB Act.

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