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While people are frantically fighting over the last red sweater or the perfect pair of boots during the semi-annual sales in Paris, I decided to check out a little-known place where savvy shoppers can find reasonably priced vintage clothes, household items, books in English and French, coats, toys, and hats throughout the year.

And best of all, the proceeds support the Apprentis d'Auteuil, a Catholic organization that welcomes, educates and trains boys and girls ranging in age from 6 to 21 years old.

This is the last in the series of West meets West posts, which have been running alongside the exhibition of Cornish artists at the West Cork Arts Centre’s gallery in Skibbereen – Uillinn.

The painting (above left) by Cornish artist Alex Smirnoff (courtesy of Bryony Harris) wonderfully illustrates the story of Saint Credan who, like Saint Piran before him, travelled from Ireland to convert the heathens in Cornwall to Christianity in the 7th century. That’s because he accidentally killed his own father and therefore spent the rest of his life as a swineherd in penance.

But he seems to be part bird, or wearing a feathered cloak.

Below is a three-headed figure and a representation of an angel, perhaps: could this actually be Saint Credan hiding in his own church?

Some of them can be recognised as heraldic; no doubt they all would have carried symbolism when they were placed here five hundred years ago.

A basilisk is hatched by a cockerel from the egg of a toad.

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In the church is a memorial designed by Forbes to commemorate their only son, Alec, who was killed in the Battle of the Somme in 1916. The crowning glories of this church, however, are the unusual carvings on the rood screen inside, which date from the 16th century.As a compensation it has to be said that he raises very fine pigs!Behind him is the ancient parish Church of Sancreed, very accurately portrayed with its huge colony of rooks in the trees from Cornwall – and in a church which was founded by an Irish Saint; and a church, moreover, which had a special meaning for many of the Newlyn School artists, including Irish-born Stanhope Forbes, founding ‘Father’ of that school.This series consist of twelve posts (including this one).

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