Ipod not updating podcasts dating in uzbekistan

Then tell each subscription to update again and it will update with the latest podcast for you.

Just keep the recent episodes marked as played and watched, i Tunes will keep feeding you your subscriptions.

This is what some users are seeing in the App Store.

Notice that Fabasot Cloud is listed under the Pending Updates heading, but without the Updates button?

The answer may be then to apply the "download all" option to new podcast subscriptions, rather than to existing ones.If you have yet to see the Podcasts section show up in your Google Play Music app, a simple tap on the “Refresh” button in settings should force it to arrive.Seriously, just pop into your app, slide out the side navigation menu, tap on Settings and then “Refresh” and you should then see the option for Podcasts just under Music Library.I need some kind of programmatic work around or batch script that runs and updates all podcasts/episodes automatically. Someone's gotta help solve this, because I'm sure @user15660 and I aren't the only ones with this problem. ), how do you keep i Tunes from discontinuing podcasts if it thinks you haven't listened to them.Often, there's a podcast like TAL that you have to get every week or you will miss that episode.

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