Fun facts on dating

Unlike the standard non-Mormon hit it and quit it, the NCMO ends at first base.

Sure, you go to church to learn more about Jesus and His gospel…but when you’re Mormon and single? In a lot of cases, church is the only place you’ll ever run into some of these people.

And while getting someone’s number after a sacrament meeting might feel a little unconventional, you’ve gotta work with what you’ve got.

Most people agree that an age gap difference of somewhere between 5 – 10 years is OK however more than ten years gets frowned upon. Generally, Chinese single men put most of their energy into work while women tend to arrange an enjoyable single life for themselves.To some extent, this has been an outcome of the popular idea that successful men and beautiful women are the most favored spouses. Should you marry someone who loves you, or the other way around?Multiple reports have been released in recent years on marriage and romantic relationships in China by leading dating websites and higher education institutions, shedding light on what life is like for the country's single and married citizens. A national report by dating website shows that more and more Chinese youngsters go home and stay in after getting off work in the evening.With no disturbances, no restrictions, and the modern diversions of the Internet—home life can provide them with almost everything they need.

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