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The Volcanic's operating mechanism was very similar to that still used today in lever-action repeaters, but the guns were plagued by problems with their self-contained cartridges.

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Unlike others in the field of firearms manufacture during this period, Winchester's talents lay not as an inventor but as a successful businessman. Henry had a great deal of experience with repeating firearms, having worked previously for various arms makers, including Smith & Wesson.The weapon can hold a maximum of five rounds total with four in the tubular magazine and one in the chamber.It has a hammerless action which means that there is no external hammer spur.While in Baltimore, he entered the dry goods business, and after several years, Winchester became a manufacturer of men's shirts in New Haven, Connecticut.This venture proved to be sufficiently profitable that he began to extend his business interests. Volcanic produced lever-action repeating pistols and carbines based on the patents of Smith & Wesson.

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