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He's 3 or 4 years ahead of the curb right now, for the (205 pound) division." "After Daniel Cormier, tell me one fighter who's gonna compete with Jon Jones." FYI, Dana White estimates Jones will get suspended for his test failure ... but JJ could serve less time (or no time) based on how his appeal goes. Lombardo has just filed a wrongful termination lawsuit, claiming she never accessed Justin's file and simply heard from others he was there for treatment of an STD.

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And Jay called Kanye out in the song "Kill Jay Z." Kanye's people feel Jay should cut him some slack because Kanye wasn't in his right mind ... They help refrigeration systems keep our caviar chilled. When fluorocarbons escape, they start unhelpful things: destroying ozone in the outer atmosphere and allowing more radiation to reach us Earthlings.Now, a federal research project has a computer-designed molecule that could pull out that fluoride ion from the fluorocarbon molecule.Kanye went on the rant shortly before his hospitalization. TMZ broke the story Kanye and Jay are embroiled in a financial dispute over Yeezy's Tidal deal and millions are in contention. Tyron Woodley ain't convinced Jon Jones took steroids ... Yet we're told money is not the source of conflict between the 2 men. but if he did and has to sit out 4 YEARS, Tyron says Jon would still come back and DOMINATE.

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