Consolidating itunes 11

It's now safe to copy your Library folder to a different location or drive.Hard-drive space is very precious, especially on your laptop or machines with smaller solid-state drives.In i Tunes 10 there was a very handy Display Duplciates feature accessible from the File menu, which enabled you to prune redundant files from your library.In i Tunes 11 this has gone, but apparently this was an oversight, and Apple will re-introduce it in a future update, hopefully by the time you read this. There are two scripts available online that will do the same tasks – Duplicates and Exact Duplicated.It also works for streaming any of this data to Apple's devices around your home.i Tunes libraries can get a little unwieldy, not to mention the fact that they can use up your previous hard drive space.Also, you may not know that deleting something from a playlist does not delete it from the Library, so it will still hang around.

If you have more than one Mac (or PC) at home you may want to transfer i Tunes files between them. Tick the option to Consolidate Files, and also the Reorganize Files… This pulls any files currently located outside of the i Tunes folder into it, and reorganises everything into correct subfolders.After doing this you may want to delete the external files, since they will have been duplicated.Even if you are seeing the tracks from your CD in order, you will not see this option when you select tracks, and click the Options menu UNLESS…you first click the column heading above the track numbers.

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