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Loving mother of Jeff (Marge) Conville and Leslie (Geoffrey) Wates.October 31, 2017 Jason Yuri Mc Ninch of Chicago, IL, died unexpectedly on October 31, 2017. Jason was born on May 31, 1973, in Aspen, CO to Terance and Peg (Ruppel) Mc Ninch.He graduated from Houghton High School in Houghton, MI in 1990, and received his AA degree in the Recording Arts from the Full Sail Center for the Rec......October 26, 2017 Robert James Stockton, age 62, was a native of Los Angeles and moved to Chicago in the late 1980s.The female sports fan is a rare breed that appreciates competition and embraces the atmosphere surrounding the biggest sporting events.Yet, an even rarer breed exists beyond female sports fan: the ridiculously hot sports fan, who cheers for their favorite sports teams, looks good while doing it, dates the players.Someone who gets season tickets when they're 15, will be 75 before they can step on the ice. (Unfortunately, this'll occur during the Rangers 2-week west coast road swing) 90 YEARS "NAPKIN DAZE!

You'd think a sport that has to resort to a TV contract with Versus would realize their financial future depends on people coming through the gates.

The games are great, but I'm going to become a father in a couple months and the 300 section at Rangers games is not a great place to take a little kid.

For example, last year I walked in the bathroom during a Rangers/Flyers game to find a guy wearing a Flyers jersey with blood gushing from his face.

Their love and dedication for sports is second to none, and the fact that they are famous makes them that much more appealing.

From the four major sports stateside to powerhouse European soccer teams, there are plenty of hot sports fans to go around.

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