Bottle dating lagunitas

“It takes a coordinated effort, from the brewer to the packager, to the distributor.”In addition to consumer-friendly dates, Stone’s bottles feature a laser-etched serial code that, Tiernan says, essentially features traceability down to the hop in the field.

“The date code is really for freshness,” he says, later adding, “One is a control thing on the back end, and frankly, one is a control on the front end.”So is putting information in customers' palms, via transparent date codes, the way forward for breweries? “Just looking at date codes is only part of the picture,” writes Sierra Nevada’s Bennett. For an unpasteurized beer, every 18 degrees Fahrenheit above optimal storage temperature (32–45 degrees) slices shelf life in half.

“We felt there was enough interest in the industry at that time that we needed to make the change ASAP.”Stone Brewing has long made freshness a philosophical cornerstone.

Sixpoint uses a “best before” date, no mention of inception — an approach some take issue with, but that's surely better than nothing.When it comes to our beer, generally fresher is better.We recommend you enjoy our IPAs and hop-forward brews within 120 days of bottling.“Making freshness a selling point is kind of like Coors wanting to own cold,” Magee says. It’s a lever.” That’s especially true when it comes to styles.IPAs and more delicate, lower-ABV styles like pilsners and kölsch are best consumed quickly, while higher-strength stouts, barley wines, and Belgian-style ales can better endure time’s tick-tock.

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