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And something to remember is that we are only hurt by something we judge about ourselves.” Of course, it can be difficult to discuss such issues without hurting feelings.“There has to be a way to talk about the situation without blaming or criticizing,” says Beverly Hills-based psychotherapist Dr. “It’s very important to acknowledge out loud that you’re feeling hurt.The objective of the game would be to explore ways to make it possible for anybody and everybody in the human family to enjoy the total earth without any human interfering with any other human and without any human gaining advantage at the expense of another.

“Sometimes we need to get things off our chest and we don’t know how to express something that is bothering us,” explains Marina Pearson, founder of Divorce Shift and author of “Goodbye Mr.“Ugh, I feel like 93 (pounds) is the dream,” Disick told the petite 33-year-old, sparking a public backlash.In Kardashian’s case, it was pregnancy weight that was making her feel insecure, but it isn’t uncommon for women to pack on pounds when they enter into a relationship.“If your partner tells you that you are fat, lose the partner first, then work on yourself,” says Atwood.“You should never put up with being criticized in a hurtful way.

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